What you don't see can hurt you.

Helping You Uncover Blind Spots in Your Organization

Productive Teams - Healthier Bottom Line - Positive Growth 


Most Organizations Suffer From Issues
that are Hard to See


Are you drowning in a to-do list that only allows you to tread water?    

Do you feel like your company strategy has become too complicated? 

Are you working hard but frustrated you don't see better results?   


Clarity in Your Strategy, Marketing, and People will Create…



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How We Can Help


Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning process is simple and action-driven to provide the motivation and clarity to achieve your goals.


Clarify Your Message

Clarity attracts and keeps customers happy! As a certified StoryBrand Guide, we can help clarify your message with all communications.


Align Your Team

Empower your team by helping uncover their potential blind spots. Align your team through our Enneagram training.


Are Blind Spots preventing your organization from reaching its potential?

Most leaders are consumed managing the day-to-day operations of an organization. Unfortunately spending your entire day addressing the urgent can create a blind spot. This blind spot prevents you from seeing what's most important. When that happens, three main areas can suffer:

1) Strategy begins to lose its effectiveness. In the beginning, the plan was laser focused, but now, over time, it has become complicated.

2) Messaging becomes unclear. What used to be crystal clear to your customers has become confusing. It is harder and harder for new customers to understand your value.

3) Teams become fractured. Without an effective strategy and a clear message, your team struggles to stay aligned.

The thought of taking time out of your busy day to resolve these issues can be overwhelming. Many leaders feel inadequate and understaffed and don't know where to begin.

At Discover Blind Spots we understand the struggle. It's too much to do on your own, and we love helping organizations find their way again!

We can help clarify your strategy, messaging, and teams!

Let us help you get your company/organization….AND…your life back on track!





Chief of Staff - John Maxwell Companies

"Tim Riddle gets my highest recommendation as a coach, consultant, mentor and friend. His unique ability to recognize, understand, and explain complex business practices and relationships has revolutionized my thinking, and most importantly my actions. I have personally known Tim for 18 years and his mentoring and guidance continues to make me a better person every day, both at work and at home."



Erica Davis

Operations Manager - Atlantic Shield Insurance Group

“Working with Tim and the StoryBrand framework has been an incredible experience. I feel like he is a friend and has stood by us every step of the way. He has been a tremendous resource for us. I have been blown away by the process and the value it has brought to our company.”



Tim Dyer

Senior Financial Advisor - Dyer Wealth Management

"I have been running a successful growing business for over 20 years. But I had developed what Tim calls “blind spots”. After quickly identifying them and tackling them head on we opened the growth floodgates…and we simplified the process with a clear message. Additionally, I feel Tim went above and beyond the scope of our engagement. And that doesn’t include the fact that he is one of the most genuine and enjoyable people I have ever worked with."



Shahram Shaida

Founder - GBEX

“I have been working with Tim for several months now.  He is an expert with strategy and messaging, and he brings a wealth of experience and valuable knowledge because he too was a successful business owner before starting his current business. He understands the challenges and can look with a much broader lens to make sure the strategy and messaging are aligned.  But most of all, from the time we met he genuinely took the time to understand what I’m trying to achieve and why. He truly cares about my success and that creates a relationship which is beyond consultant & client. I can’t thank or recommend Tim enough.”


Are Blind Spots Choking the Growth of Your Organization?

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